EMIR Reporting with Capptivate

When EMIR regulation went into effect in 2014, hundreds of financial institutions such as asset managers, brokers, hedge fund managers and CFD brokers suddenly needed to comply with new derivative reporting rules. Often lacking the compliance and technological know-how to report, EMIR has become a massive and expensive problem for brokers, banks, fund companies and non-financial corporates alike.

Cappitech can help you be EMIR Compliant

Capptivate™, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, is our cloud-based compliance platform that provides access to instant insights based on trading data so that decision-makers can make informed data-driven decisions. On the reporting side, it easily connects with trade reports to create EMIR regulation formatted files to automate the reporting process for our customers.

How it works

Capptivate™ connects to customer trade records, enriches the data, reformats the file, validates trades and reports directly to regulatory facilities on our client’s behalf. Information on trades is then made available via daily email updates and a web-based dashboard.

How your firm benefits

SaaS & Automation: Significantly cuts the initial IT and HR costs to begin reporting and the ongoing work required to keep the reporting compliant as laws are updated regularly.

Operational excellence: Our Client Services team monitors client trades on an ongoing basis, alerts and helps fix any reporting exceptions.

Reporting fees: Cappitech benefits from trade volume discounts as a result of reporting on behalf of many firms and passes these on to our clients. A result is significant cost improvement for customers.

Customized for your business

lux websiteFund Companies

Capptivate provides integration with fund management and OMS software in a secure environment to provide EMIR reporting at costs similar to self-reporting to a trade repository.


20160525_170617Online Brokers

Onboarding EMIR solutions for over 45 brokers, Cappitech understands the needs of Forex/CFD brokers to provide a cost effective and simple integration process.


bank of england websiteCorporates

Firms benefit from our flexible integration process which includes connectivity to treasury systems to automate reporting as well as customized Excel templates for manual file uploads.