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Innovative EMIR Reporting Solution

We offer full EMIR compliance, all through a secured and automated cloud-based compliance platform. Since EMIR regulations went into effect in 2014, hundreds of financial institutions – asset managers, brokers, hedge fund managers and CFD – were jolted into complying with restrictive, confusing new rules. EMIR became an expensive, complicated issue for the finance industry, as well as non-financial corporations.  

At Cappitech we simplify your compliance burden. We automate the complex creation of your EMIR regulation formatted files and submit them to the TR on your behalf. Using our intuitive dashboard, you can monitor your rejects and get drilled-down insights into your trading data. Seeing your data in one place allows decision-makers to make powerful, data-driven choices.

How Cappitech Solves Your
EMIR Reporting Obligations

Automate your daily transaction reports to an ESMA licensed TR
Flexible integration options supporting pull or push of multiple file formats such as CSV, XML and FIX
Enrichment of product codes, counterparty LEIs and UTI generation
Connectivity with external market data for daily MTM valuation
Monitor and manage your rejections and late reporting via intuitive dashboard
Provides highly secure, advanced data encryption, including encrypted and segregated file upload system
Efficient and frictionless reporting, reducing reporting expenses and overall cost of ownership and improve efficiency
Provides file management for access to trade repository-submitted EMIR reports.
Professional services team with deep regulatory knowledge supports your reporting success

How Cappitech’s Solution Works

Connect to client trade data, via push or pull
Reports are enriched with UTI, counterparty and detailed product information
Data is validated, to catch errors and filter out trades outside of the scope
Report is submitted to Trade Repository with data available to review on Cappitech’s analytics dashboard

See it in action

From a single dashboard you can access information on underlying entities you are reporting for and gain actionable insights. If required, you can grant your delegated counterparties access to a designated dashboard where they can monitor and manage their reporting obligation.
Emir insights_Late
Monitor the timeliness of your reporting and drill down into the details of late submissions to identify any underlying problems in your reporting process.
Emir platform
Automate and monitor your reporting with our multi-regulation platform, a single platform for all your transaction reporting needs. From a single dashboard you can get a visual status overview of your reported trades and review complete transaction lifecycles. Use our sophisticated filtering and search functionality to easily investigate individual trade submissions.
Gain insights into your transaction reporting; improve KPIs on accuracy, completeness and timeliness of your submissions. Monitor and improve your rejection rates by viewing the top reasons for rejections. Historical reports for rejected trades can be viewed and analysed, enabling firms to improve their reporting.

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