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Visualize and gain data-driven insights from your SFTR related data
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Business Intelligence Services for Transaction Reporting and Beyond

Fully integrated into the S&P Global Market Intelligence portal, SFTR Insights is a leading edge Analytics Warehouse combined with a cloud-based Business Intelligence platform that enables customers to easily visualise and access all of their SFTR related data.

Our full suite of SFTR products covers:

  • Securities Finance – Consulting Services
  • SFTR Solutions: Securities Financing Transactions Regulations
  • SFTR Insight Solution: SFTR Transaction Reporting Insights


Improve your SFTR insights
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Visualize All SFTR data via pre-built dashboard (Submission, Reconciliation, Reporting, Timeliness)
Access to record level details
Download 1,000,000+ records
Integrated within SFTR Portal
Reconciliation and Reporting comparison to Benchmark summary
Access to Advanced and Custom Analytics (Submission, Reconciliation, Reporting, Benchmark)
Ability to Share and Automate Reports
Self Service Analytics Editing
Direct access to Raw Data via Quicksight

SFTR Insights - Support Analysis at Scale

Implementation of bespoke Analytics Warehouse to manage compute across dozen of billions of records in very little time
Analyse all the submissions, reconciliation and reporting since Go Live, via pre-built or custom dashboards
Benchmark your submissions, reconciliation and reporting against similar organisations
Review & Share
Visualise and share information quickly using interactive dashboards

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A Year of Regulatory Reporting Success & Insight

Best Regulatory Solution of the Year Award

Winner of “Regulatory Solution of the Year” at Securities Finance Times Industry Excellence Awards 2022

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