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Limit Your Burden and Exposure – Manage Your Delegated Reporting
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Turn your reporting into your competitive edge

Clients reporting with Cappitech can leverage our technology and platform to provide delegated reporting to counterparties. The system supports automatic submissions of counterparty trades to internal or external submission folders at Trade Repositories. Once reporting, Cappitech customers gain access to a ‘Master’ view dashboard to review both their own reporting and that of clients. Separate dashboard views can also be created for specific counterparty LEIs to ensure full transparency of reporting.


How Cappitech Solves
Delegated Reporting

Handle reporting for client counterparties
Easy to access reports and dashboards to provide transparency of submissions to clients
Visual interface to review submissions by regulation and counterparty
Availability to provide customers with their own reporting dashboard
Gain competitive advantage versus peers
Submission and connectivity to multiple TRs

How Cappitech’s Solution Works

Push or pull of trade files and transaction reports
Reports are indexed by counterparty and submitted to trade repository
TR ACK/NACK messages are captured
Dashboard provides Master view of all reporting and client by client details

See it in action

From a single dashboard you can access information on underlying entities you are reporting for and gain actionable insights. If required, you can grant your delegated counterparties access to a designated dashboard where they can monitor and manage their reporting obligation.

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