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ASIC Reporting Solution

Cappitech’s 100% accurate platform provides you with seamless, automated ASIC reporting, allowing you to easily connect with trade data to create ASIC compliant formatted files. It gives you simple, headache-free ASIC reporting – just how it should be.  

From the moment it came into effect in 2015, ASIC reporting has become a massive and expensive problem for brokers, banks, and fund companies alike. Retail FX and CFD brokers, asset managers and banks suddenly needed to comply with complex – and budget draining – new reporting rules.

There is a better way to report ASIC
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How Cappitech can solve your ASIC reporting obligations

Automates your everyday transaction reports direct to a licensed Trade Repository
Hassle-free integration of your existing, multi-format trade data files and APIs
Presents all information via regulatory dashboard for ongoing in-depth reporting governance analysis and overview
GAP analysis to review product scope
Cuts your reporting expenses and overall cost of ownership
Securely integrate your files via encrypted and segregated file upload system
Access highly experienced professional team for reporting success, advising on instrument reporting eligibility and regulatory rules

How the Cappitech Solution Works

Connect to your trade data - either upload files or integrate with your API
Data is validated to check for errors and filter out trades not under scope
Reports are enriched with UTI, counterparty and other product information
Report is submitted to the relevant Trade Repository with messages available to review on the web dashboard

See it in action

Automate and monitor your reporting with our multi-regulation platform, a single platform for all your transaction reporting needs. From a single dashboard you can get a visual status overview of your reported trades and review complete transaction lifecycles. Use our sophisticated filtering and search functionality to easily investigate individual trade submissions.
Gain insights into your transaction reporting; improve KPIs on accuracy, completeness and timeliness of your submissions. Monitor and improve your rejection rates by viewing the top reasons for rejections. Historical reports for rejected trades can be viewed and analyzed, enabling firms to improve their reporting.

What is ASIC derivative reporting?

ASIC derivative reporting regulation put in place daily reporting obligations of  OTC derivative transactions. Other than certain company types of which exemptions apply, reports cover transactions for both intra-day and overnight held positions.


What data needs to be reported under ASIC derivative reporting?

Fields required to be reported per trade include information on counterparties, instrument, price and notional amount details of the transaction, daily valuations and margin figures.


Can you report full lifecycles of trades or only positions?

For non-exempt trades, ASIC derivative reporting regulation explains the submissions types within the legislation under 2.2.1(a) & (b).

  • a – states requirement for reporting each reportable transaction
  • b – each reportable position

For the reporting position portion of the report, there are two options that can be used:

  • Compress individual reported trades from (a) and report an end of day position per product per customer
  • Report each transaction from (a) as a separate position. However, this means you also have to report when that trade is closed and send a termination report for that position.

Are snapshot reporting exemptions still applicable to CFD brokers?

No, as of July 2019, exemptions that allowed CFD brokers to solely report end of day positions has been removed. Currently, CFD brokers need to report both intraday transactions and daily positions.


Where are reports submitted to?

As of December 2020, the DTCC is the single Trade Repository supporting receiving of submissions of ASIC derivative reports.

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