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Future-Proof Compliance that Evolves Alongside Regulations

Compliance keeps evolving with ever-changing nuances – making it hard to keep up to date with any changes, and impossible to quickly implement them. Between rendering your regulations obsolete and the crippling cost of non-compliance (financial, reputational and operational), you can’t afford to not future-proof your compliance processes.

Our innovative, smart solution combines multi-jurisdiction and multi-regulatory data all in one place: you can easily and cost-effectively manage all your regulatory needs, while gaining high-level, deeper business insights – and beyond.


The Benefits of the Cappitech Platform:



Make compliance manager’s role more analytical with accurate, timely and correct reporting. There’s no more tactical preparation of reporting needed.



Operational excellence

Enjoy accurate, timely, self-sufficient reporting, with our expert team casting a watchful eye over everything to make sure your reporting is optimized.



Savings in Cost and Time

Save up to 70% on overheads and fees by outsourcing your reporting: our lower costs and faster onboarding means our clients receive top-tier service for significantly less expense.



Innovative Technology

A single platform for transaction reporting, reconciliation, and advanced analytics on one intuitive GUI to cover all jurisdictions, asset classes and instruments.



Technologically Advanced

Reporting process is fully automated, easing the compliance burden and operational risks.

We apply our customizable logic that is easily incorporated with customer-specific plug-ins without the requirement for customers to write to our specifications.

Have the power to manage, process and analyze large quantities of data. Our solution is built using the agile methodology, scales to allow for increased numbers of transactions and customers and for processing spikes during the day.



Transaction & regulatory reporting:


Our innovative solution reduces your reporting headaches and errors while lowering the costs of MiFID II compliance. We offer full MiFID II compliance from our automated platform, as well as providing instant insights based on trading data to help you improve your compliance and your bottom line.



Cappitech simplifies your compliance burden and automates the complex creation of EMIR regulation formatted files and submit them to the TR on your behalf, all at a fraction of the cost.



Cappitech removes your SFTR reporting headaches, all while keeping you compliant. Providing an end-to-end platform and smooth process, you can upload trade and loan data, and see it automatically enriched with UTI and product details. It’s then seamlessly submitted to a TR – all without any manual interaction.



Cappitech keeps you compliant with MAS regulation, allowing seamless, accurate daily compliance reporting and tracking. Investment firms, banks, asset managers and brokers rely on us to automate their transaction reporting and remain compliant without any headaches or human errors.



The Cappitech platform provides you with seamless, automated ASIC reporting, allowing you to easily connect with trade data to create ASIC compliant formatted files. It gives you simple, headache-free ASIC reporting – just how it should be.



Let Cappitech help you with the upcoming JFSA reporting changes and provide you with the peace of mind you need.


Cappitech will keep you compliant with the HKMA regulatory reporting, allowing seamless, accurate daily compliance reporting and tracking.

SEC 10c-1a

Cappitech can provide you with the reporting technology and expertise you need to comply with your SEC 10c-1a.


Cappitech can provide you with the reporting technology and expertise you need to comply with your SEC SBS.


Cappitech can provide you with the reporting technology and expertise you need to comply with your CFTC reporting requirements.


Cappitech provides the solutions for Canadian and global transaction reporting regulations enabling easy compliance with the regulation while reducing the day-to-day headache of Canadian Derivative Reporting.



Cappitech provides an easy way to comply with FinFrag transaction reporting that was put into effect by the Swiss Financial Market Infrastructure Act. The regulation requires Swiss counterparties to provide daily reports of their derivative trades.