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Improve Operational Accuracy with Compliance KPIs

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Trade analytics that provide actionable insights

With our Insights, you get valuable and actionable insights into your regulatory reporting at the touch of a button including the top rejection reasons and granular data on late reports. Accessible via an intuitive dashboard, Insights allows compliance officers to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure their compliance reporting capabilities against the industry standard. 

Cross-regulation, it covers client reports for MIFIR, EMIR, MAS, SFTR, Canadian and ASIC Derivative Reporting.

Improve your compliance KPIs
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Improve your rejection rates and resolve problems before reports get submitted to the regulator.
Monitor the timeliness of reporting and drill down into the details of late submissions to identify any underlying process problems
Deliver on your compliance KPIs - use your performance data to set regulatory reporting KPIs and work systematically towards these targets.
Track your reporting capabilities performance against the industry average

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