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Turning Compliance Into a Competitive Advantage

Cappitech’s RTS 28 Market Intelligence finally allows you to use your regulatory compliance obligation to your own advantage. It takes publicly available RTS 28 data, normalizes it and provides the analytics you need to gain a strategic, actionable overview from industry-wide, data-heavy RTS 28 reports.

Improve your competitive edge using our user friendly analytics dashboard that gives you a competitive analysis, with industry-wide benchmarks across each of the 22 asset classes; peer comparison with ongoing assessment of execution quality. Cappitech’s solution even allows you to identify areas for performance improvement.

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Comparable industry-wide benchmarks: Investment firms can gain an in-depth analysis of the industry’s most widely used venues and brokers for each of the 22 asset classes.
Peer comparison: Assess your own execution against your peers so that you can optimize your ongoing execution quality.
Highlight key strengths: For banks and brokers, RTS 28 analytics can be used to hone in on your competitive advantage in dominant markets and share with your existing and prospective clients.
Identify areas for performance improvement: As a bank or broker, you can also find specific company names where you under-performed compared to the industry footprint in those specific asset classes.
Target market for growth areas: Through execution analysis against industry standards, we can pinpoint where your firms’ execution can be improved. We can also identify a target growth market, for example, a high concentration with few counterparties amongst investment firms.

How Cappitech’s Solution Works

Connect your data via any format file upload or linking your API
Parameter setting
set details for the execution policy per instrument
validate your instrument mapping
systematically and seamlessly submit reports to each regulatory body

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RTS 28 Dashboard
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