Brexit – the Final Chapter: What is Going to Happen to Financial Services?

As the end of the Brexit Transition Period draws near, questions are still being raised about what will happen to financial services. Listen to the webinar to learn more.

In the webinar we provide a status update on the nature of the “future relationship” for financial services between the EU and the UK and consider how, even at this stage, EU and UK regulatory regimes are beginning to diverge in key areas of financial services regulation. We also consider the direction of travel for the future of financial services regulation in both the EU and UK and how this will be relevant to the way in which firms do business cross border between the UK and the EU.

The webinar covers:

  • What is the current status and the likely outcome of the negotiations for the future relationship between the UK and the EU in relation to financial services?
  • Which areas of EU financial services regulation has the UK indicated it will not implement or otherwise water down and which areas does it appear the EU will roll back
  • What does all of this mean for how businesses have structured themselves to deal with the post Brexit world
  • Practical process of data split between TRs/ARMs and the cost ramifications



Ron Finberg, Product Specialist at Cappitech

Daniel Csefalvay, Regulatory Partner, BCLP, London

Bernd Geier, Regulatory Partner, BCLP, Frankfurt.

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